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In 2012 RSPCA Burwood put down my cat for having ringworms. Me and my family have been so upset and heartbroken since. After realising that our cat was missing at meal time and the next morning, we went to the shelter to see if he was there, and he was. We tried to take him back and accepted any fees to be paid for microchip and registration however was denied this opportunity. We were told that we could only be put down as a interested party but cannot register the cat until a health test is performed. We were also told that we would be informed of its progress. I went in to see my cat several times before the test reattempting to be given the right to register him then and there. The last time I visited, they told me that I would get a call from the manager the morning before my cat is sent to Burwood for testing. Whilst waiting for a call from the manager, and ultimately to re-unite with our cat, a vet called us, breaking the sad news that our cat had been put down for having ringworms and saying she was sory. I have recently been informed by Rspca workers that the vet sees paperwork about interested party before commencing euthenasia of a pet. Clearly this was breached. Furthermore, I was told that the manager who worked then at the epping shelter was dismissed from her role. Our cat was denied a right to live for having ringworms, a treatable condition. As I have researched, it is a inexpensive treatment, and some lovely VET nurses have cared for many of these pets to prevent them from being euthanised. Unfortunately my cat was not so lucky to have come across one of these nurses. Me and my family would have taken up full costs and responsibility of the treatment of our cat, there is no doubt about that. Looking at the ethical guidelines for Australia, euthenising a animal for having ringworms does not seem like a relevent reason to put a animal down especially without giving prior notice to interested party. Whilst I have now recieved a appology letter from RSPCA who say they will investigate the situation and try to prevent it from happening again, there is no visible progress apart from questioning my cats id number which I cannot find since moving. Over the many years, I have called RSPCA several times explaining the situation over and over again. I have been told countlessly that they did their job right by putting my cat down. I blame the epping RSPCA shelter to begin with and then RSPCA for the loss of my cat. I had seen another cat at the shelter which looked like my cats missing sibling, being a black cat it was harder to identify, however I went back to take another look and was told that because it attacked/scratched the worker that they put it down. I was appauled as this cat was still in its identifiable time frame and was obviously scared. The cat was nested in the corner the first time I saw it which made it harder to identify. The cat in the photo is the cat which lost its life due to the decision made by RSPCA, I had named him KUDU. My cat may have lost his life but he opened my eyes to fight for not only his but other cats lives which are being taken for no good reason. This situation was handled unprofessionally and unethically. It is only after I got in contact with the Australian Veterinary Association that RSPCA have written me a appology letter, after years of denying. Unfortunately this letter won't bring my cat back. This petition is to prevent such unethical euthenisation from occuring EVER again. I ask that you sign this petiton with me, to stand up for all the animals who have been put down for unethical reasons such as having ringworms and to prevent other animals from being put down for the same or similar reasons. Thankyou.

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