Stop councils funding fox hunts and prosecute those taking part. It is illegal and evil!

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All over the uk, local councils are funding illegal fox hunts using tax payers money        ( YOUR MONEY ) in the form of COVID 19 grants.

Not only is this disgusting blood sport inhumane and evil to the foxes that are often caught as babies, baited, purposely injured and released into a pack of 30 plus angry, starved hounds, to be relentlessly chased and ripped to pieces whilst cowering, screaming in unimaginable pain and immense fear. The hounds are kept in solitary confinement in tiny kennels with NO human contact at all. They are emaciated and starved almost to death for days before a hunt so they are savage and in survival mode. They NEVER feel love or affection and also often get injured and killed by other hiounds in the frensy.

Foxes are beautiful, shy, timid, peaceful animals very closely related to dogs. They are a major part of the food chain that keeps rats and other rodents spreading disease like the plague (yes this still exists) at a controlled level. They are also part of our heritage and what it means to be british as they are native to OUR country.

Why should we pay taxes to a government and councils that blatantly break the laws that we (the citizens of this country) vote on and set as a democracy?!