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Animals used for research and testing are forced to live in torturous prisons for their entire lives. It is disgusting to see what cruelty these animals go through just so we can wash our hair with shampoo and conditioner.

These animals are being used for thousands of cosmetics, including perfume, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and makeup. 30 million animals a year are being wasted in these torture like experiments. Despite the large numbers animal testing is unreliable, 95% of drugs fail in human trials despite having promising results in animal tests.


Animals are different to humans so they do not get as many of the diseases as we do so the results are not accurate. Unfortunately Australia is the fourth most animal testing country in the world. We are just below the U.S.A, Japan and China.

•The RSPCA reports that the major beauty brands using animal testing are:
• Estée Lauder
• Johnson & Johnson
• Revlon
• and Colgate

With more than 27,000 animals — mainly rodents, rabbits and guinea pigs — still subjected to cosmetics testing.

Please help me save these poor and innocent animals from TORTURE and ABUSE in cages.


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