RSPCA: Shut Bramble Hall Farm! LIFE ban of having animals for it's owners!

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Please help us force the authorities hands into putting a STOP to Bramble Hall Farm & REMOVE all animals on the premises & finally PROSECUTE the owner(s) of Bramble Farm - an illegal smokies slaughterhouse & an illegal puppy farm.

I care deeply about the welfare of animals and I urge you to join me in supporting the coalition campaign which is calling on the removal of all animals and the highest custodial sentence for the owners of Bramble Hall Farm. If only 1 owner can be sentenced. Please take into account that Mrs Pam Burns publicly admits to breeding dogs from her home without a breeding licence and has been getting away with it for decades. In this article

On the 29th January 2019, there was a very public raid at Bramble Hall Farm on Ferry Lane, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire SA71 4RG in Wales. Over 200 animals were seized/rescued (by Dogs Trust, World Horses Welfare, Pembrokeshire County Council & Dyfed Powys Police) from this hell farm including; horses, sheep, pigs and dogs of all breeds. They were all living among dead carcasses of their murdered pen-mates. Dead bodies of dogs & puppies who didn't receive the level of care they needed, but instead were just bred continuously for money and tossed away to be eaten or buried among rubbish. They were all surrounded by the smell of burnt sheep skin & their dead forgotten bodies - all for an illegal smokies delicacy & a mass puppy farm of stolen dogs. Many media outlets documented this raid in the Western Telegraph, Pembrokeshire Herald & Wales Online

As this tirade of abuse and sheer lack of animal welfare standards has been on going now for decades and will only stop if WE unite to stop it.
All of the relevant authorities have long been made aware including RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogbens who visited bramble frequently, yet all have failed to do anything except offer warnings and advice, this is NOT acceptable. CARIAD informed the RSPCA & Council of this place a year ago...still nothing happened then. As did many witnesses who worked in the farm for Burns and his mother, they too came forward with their statements of what unspeakable cruelty is taking place at that farm. Their concerns were IGNORED too. Dog wardens several years ago have tried to warn officials of the cruelty that was taking place at the farm. They too were DISMISSED.

It is important to remember that this hell place was running throughout it's many reports to the RSPCA, Council, Police and all relevant authorities of Pembrokeshire for several years. Evidence of photograph dated abuse...IGNORED. Several witness statements from the Public as well as vulnerable workers of Mr Burns.....IGNORED. On top of that, Sean Burns was charged with these crimes in 2017 and he was let off with a £120 per offence. He is a repeat offender. Only because he was caught burning rubbish on the farm which was hazardous.  
We must not allow this next court ruling to have the same outcome because now we know he is a repeat offender. Otherwise this place will continue to be a working hell hole for all animals that reside in it because he has been given back 9 confirmed dogs, as well as sheep. He will start up again elsewhere now the farm is up for sale.

When the news broke that it was Bramble Hall Farm that it had been raided. There was an instant sigh of relief from many who knew of it's owners cruelty. Within a flash, a protest was organised outside the farm where 100+ people showed up to give their support to the animals who were seized. 

Despite this massive raid by many charitable organisations & several protests from the Public. the RSPCA took an official step back from this raid of unspeakable cruelty. WHY? When they are the one's who have prosecuted welfare crimes, a lot less than the ones that have taken place at Bramble Farm for years... 

NOW 9 confirmed dogs & several sheep were given back to the owners (and a very possible more in other locations relating to Burns with more animals suffering the way the ones did at Bramble Farm) by Sean R Burns & his mother Pamela J Burns (Pam Burns) . If the authorities given the responsibility of responding to and upholding animal welfare matters don't have high enough standards which they set and expect to be adhered, then how can we ever hope for things to improve as a whole?

The group British Dogs League bdl with the help of The Cruelty List UK have taken a firm stance on opposing this farm and its owners and a huge wealth of information can be gained for joining their Page and reading the Bramble Hell Farm album, reading the stories and interacting with the people victims and long-term sufferers of Sean Burns & his mother Pam Burns. And this list grows by the day, some of these people have suffered in silence for decades already trying before to seek justice or remedy and being knocked back or simply ignored!
This cannot continue, we owe it to the animals.

There will be a Public third BIG protest outside Haverfordwest Magistrates Court SA61 2AZ on the 7th March 2019 10am, Dogs welcome if friendly with other dogs. The fate of the animals seized/rescued will be decided as well as those who were given back to Burns to be "monitored". Please come along and show your support for the animals who were denied freedom and justice for years by every one who were in a position to do something about it.

British Dogs League & the group Bramble Hell Farm stand with the victims and the residents of Pembrokeshire, Wales. Who have had to suffer at the events of Bramble Farm. We understand the images are distressing and can be overwhelming. But it is the fact that so many people have ignored the mass cruelty of these poor animals. Is the very reason why Sean Burns & Pam Burns have got away with it for so long. So will you ignore or will you stand with us and those animals?