Security Dogs Cruelty

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Dogs are not toys and are not meant to be kept in cages for long periods of time. On multiple occasions, we witnessed security dogs being kept in cages in a boot of a car for days upon days, no matter the weather (hot or cold), with their keeper sitting with them in the car or walking around the car. These cages are usually not larger than the actual body of the dog itself.
Most of the time these are big dogs, such as labradors, german shepherd, and other dogs of similar size. This leaves very limited space for the dog to move around. In addition to potential physical problems that this limited confinement can cause an animal, we should also be aware of the mental state of the dog. After being stuck in a cage where it can barely move the dog can become unpredictable in its behaviour once it's being let out.

There is clear negligence of the animal and we, as a community, are not aware of how many hours these dogs have spent in the cage that day nor how much training these dogs had received prior to being called a "security dog". 

We ask for anybody who has a simple sense of wisdom to join our petition and put an end to this inhumane and cruel way of dog keeping.