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There are a group of horses in Latrobe valley in DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!!!  

Ultimately we want to get all 10 of these horses seized from the person who currently has them and prevent her from having anymore or at least minimize the number she is allowed to own.  Also we want to reunite the 3 horses she has stolen back to their rightful owners and we also have knowledgeable homes waiting who are able to care for the others.

All of us in the local and Australia wide equine community obviously have a huge love for horses and generally most animals. We hate to see animals suffering...they cant speak out for them selves so they need us to be their voice..

Every now and then in the equine world we will come across a horse who is in clear need of attention. Some times its a once off where you can help the owner either by educating them or perhaps they have had a rough time just needed a hand but they learn from it and it doesn't happen again. Other times its a known person and people take note to steer clear of selling to them etc.

So many of us in our local community have sold horses to this woman and been sucked in to her lies only to learn the hard way and then feel terrible for her getting her hands on another horse and especially one we have loved but for what ever reason been unable to keep because we didn't know better.. I don't want this to happen to anymore horses or people is heart breaking!! 

I unfortunately sold her a young QH gelding about 2yrs ago before i knew of her and once i seen through her lies and the state of her horses and my previous baby going down hill i tried to buy him back and even had friends try but she would not sell to me or anyone i knew..she had him in with stallions and he became very thin beaten up covered in scars and server ran scald but another lady thankfully has him now and is taking good care of him. We are only one in many who have had this happen and we were lucky my boy ended up in a good home as others have not. Some have even died in the past due to her neglect.. 

There are heaps of us willing to help and have seen first hand what this woman is like but need the authorities to help us be able to get the horses and even though there are HEAPS of people asking help and giving information on the offender on the current horses and past horses to show shes not just someone needing help or education that shes a repeat offender, horse hoarder, compulsive lair, and just in it to make a buck breeding and selling regardless of any of the animals welfare we have not been able to get any help.

This has been going on for years and the RSPCA have had her brought to their attention on many occasions but she still is allowed to keep these horses and continue to miss treat them even when she admits to everyone she's ill and can not care for them..she has made it a habit to rope someone new in saying oh poor me iv been extremely ill, in hospital, broken back, strokes, pretty much dying every time she tells the story but 'only for the last couple of months' and that's why the horses are in this way and she needs help....this story is told over and over and over to who ever will listen and its always told that its only been the last couple of months and the first time i heard this story was 2 years ago..iv now heard it a lot more then that and have come to realize she's been doing it for years before that.

There is 10 horses atm in dire need and 3 of them she has actually stolen but the RSPCA wont make it that she even has to give them back to their rightful owners and the police wont get involved as they believe its a civil matter and it can take a long time to go through the courts to attempt to sort that out in the mean time these horses will be lucky to survive...

These are all skinny, worm burden, suffering from conditions such as rain scald and other actual injuries etc etc and not receiving any treatment and only being feed some hay in the last week because the only thing that has been done is phone call to her so now she is being careful until she is no longer on the radar but still not caring sufficiently enough to actually help these poor animals get better and have a chance to make it through winter..

She has a full grown stallion and his 2 yo colt running free with these emaciated mares and a mini mare and mini gelding and at least one foal possibly more and has done so for some time so the unwell mares could also be in foal and i would hate to imagine the treatment of the minis from the stallions... 

They need help..we have homes lined up for the 7 that she owns if you can help make that happen and 3 of them already have owners which like i previously stated she has stolen them off, one of which she physically assaulted and charges have been laid.

All these horses need is an authority of some sort to accompany us and make her give them up and we can take them to the care they need and deserve. ..if you can ban her from having future horses or at least minimize the number shes allowed that would also be helpful..

Atm we are getting nowhere constantly being hand balled and ignored and these horses don't have much time..

We will be taking this to media and who ever else will listen as the last thing we want is to fail these horses because no one would help when we tried all the correct avenues...

These horses are the TRUE VICTIMS and we need to be their voice!! She can not obviously provide even BASIC care to these animals..... which is every animals right according to DPI, RSPCA etc.


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