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Hi my name is Meilin and I attend Ravenswood School for Girls. I am currently doing a PYP exhibition about animal cruelty. Animals are beautiful and graceful and don't deserve the pain they go through. Owners have troubles in their lives and put their anger or sadness on their pets. I badly want big animal shelters to help animals even more. For example, RSPCA or PETA. Please sign my petition and maybe we can help those poor innocent animals. It doesn't take long and it could make such a big difference. I have two pets or my own and 3 just died this year. They lived long happy lives, so if you sign this petition another animal out there might live a long happy life just like them. Your signature could help hundreds of animals around the world. This is greatly appreciated by the animals and I.There is probably a poor animal out there that is being abused now and your signature could save his life! Thank you!!!