Another call for tougher penalties on animal abuse

Another call for tougher penalties on animal abuse

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How did  monsters like Sharon McAdam (& her husband) who purportedly had a "dog breeding business"  Kupala Bull Terriers - who have bred abject misery for years - get off with such a woeful slap on the hand, for the cruelty these dogs have lived with all their lives.

Have a look at the link I've provided, it's very distressing, & we're just looking from the comfort of our chosen device, this must've been a very confronting issue to deal with for the RSPCA staff who attended this site.

Court Outcome
Sharon McAdam was given a 2 year probation order with no conviction recorded, ordered to pay $99.55 in court costs, $1,000 in legal costs, and $5,500 to the RSPCA for veterinary and boarding costs. She was prohibited from owning any animal other than as approved from time to time in writing by the Chief Inspector until August 6, 2022. McAdam has approval for two dogs under certain conditions. 

This is appalling, do we consider these people "human", I think not, animals do not treat their own in this way, these two are monsters, & no doubt there's more out there doing the same thing - BIGGER PENALTIES PLEASE - JAIL TIME, CAUSE THAT'S HOW THESE CREATURES LIVED THEIR WHOLE LIVES!!