RSPCA Please stop Supporting the Brumby Slaughter

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The NSW Government has issued a media Statement regarding their Draft Management Plan for brumbies in the Kosciuszko National Park noting that 90% of the population will be slaughtered using methods that include shooting.

The RSPCA to date has supported the horse management plan which has seen well over 1000 Snowy Mountain Brumbies sent to knackeries/abattoirs for pet food whilst at the same time lobbying against the racing industry for the same practice. 

Their support for the current draft plan, which is now out for review, would see the slaughter of an estimated 5400 Snowy Mountains Brumbies shot dead and left to rot in a place they have called home for over 180 years.

Just because in todays society horses are not valued as highly as they were in years past, does not mean we slaughter them to appease an agenda driven by the far left.  

This mass slaughter of wild horse goes against everything that the RSPCA stands for and should be condemned by the RSPCA not supported.

The RSPCA website notes that 2% of their funding comes from the NSW Government and based on their operating costs this equates to a massive $720,000.00 of tax payers funds.

Have the RSPCA lost their moral compass in order to retain State Government Funding? or have they now decide which animals are worth fighting for and which are not? 

Please support this petition and ask the RSPCA to protect all animals, not just those that are small and cuddly, and request that they please retract their support of this disastrous mass slaughter of our iconic high country brumby.