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Please sign to prevent more animals being harmed

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A local Murray Bridge female and her partner known as Kimberly Maple or Kimberly Wilson (Now Kimberly Andrews), and Daniel Andrews. They have been obtaining animals off of Facebook sites with no intentions of caring for the animals. The animals are never kept for long with replacements occurring weekly based on their social activities, reported by many users. These activities stating "Rest in peace, you shall be missed, Got new puppy today, This is my new kitten, etc."

The animals in their care have been subjected to appalling conditions, e.g lack of health care, food, water. Daniel in 2014 mistakenly advertised offspring as "shark bait" on social media, not knowing he has been watched.

In 2015, the issue was raised and reported to RSPCA, however, the couples and their relatives, as well as friends, were well-informed and well-prepared for the check-up. Also they have at least one farm dog who is always healthy and well-checked with the local vet. Hence they know people will likely to report them and have checks.

Since the couple been approached regarding these poor animals, many angry locals have been subjected to violent and threatening messages and no assistance with removing the animals currently in their care. Please sign this in the hope they will be held accountable for their actions. A hope for animals' lives and souls who have been mistreated, abused and killed shall not go vanished like the effort of the previous encounter.

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