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RSPCA NSW: Save these hens from Lakesland farm

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Skinny, starving and dying.


Covered in their own feces.

Dead and rotting carcasses everywhere.

Pecking desperately at empty food and water dispensers.

This is what a passer-by found after coming across hens roaming lost near a farm in Lakesland, NSW. Since then undercover footage has been released and it confirmed everything she had already seen.

Shawn Stone - who runs this cage-free egg farm - clearly shouldn’t have any animals under his care, certainly not thousands of hens.

Despite the RSPCA first being notified of the situation on the 10th of June, and being sent the shocking footage of the hens starving and dying on the 20th of June, so far not a single hen has been rescued from the property. Not only is this a clear case of animal cruelty and negligence, it has also shocked the Australian public who trust and rely upon the RSPCA to protect vulnerable animals.

We are calling on the RSPCA NSW to:

  • Charge Shawn Stone for animal cruelty
  • Ban Shawn Stone from owning any animals
  • Rescue and rehome all hens

Australians will not tolerate animal cruelty on live export ships and we certainly won’t tolerate animal cruelty in our own backyard.