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Please help convince RSPCA NSW that keeping cats in an enclosure  (at Camp Kitty, Cowra) with a dead cat in their midst is cruel. The RSPCA has known about this for over a year and the only response i can get from an inspector is that I am not qualified to judge if this is cruel. Below is what I wrote to RSPCA NSW-

`I write about the cats at 230 Conimbla Road, Cowra. Attached is a photo of the dead cat whose photo I have previously sent you. It has lain in the top part of Richard's property for many days now and has been partly eaten by the other cats in the enclosure.
I am unable to understand why the RSPCA has not taken action to prevent this animal cruelty taking place. It has been going on for almost four years now and numerous people have reported this to you.
If humans were locked up in a prison semi starved and allowed to die without any medical help and the body allowed to remain in the prison yard without removal then there would be a world wide outcry. Why do we allow cats or any animals to be treated with such cruelty?'

Please let the RSPCA NSW know that you think this is cruel as well.