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Stop the selling of animals @ Parklea Markets

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After growing up near the Parklea Markets for a number of years, I've watched the pets/animal section begin to slowly lack the resources and key elements that a number of their animals need for their over all safety, health and well being more and more. There have been posts made in the past confronting/calling out the running of the section after people were witnessing kittens lying in their own waste, birds not having clean drinking water available as it was full with their faeces, and the dogs having poor living conditions over all. Today, On the 10th of February, 2017 - I visited the markets at around 4pm. At this time, the area temperature (Glenwood) according to the weather app on my phone was 44 degrees, however my car was recoding it at 46. Most of the stalls were already closed, with the rest packing up and cleaning. I detoured past the animal section on the way back to my car. The first thing I noticed was the amount of tweeting coming from towards the birds, making it sound as if they were distressed. As I progressed further, I noticed that both sides of the isles were tarped off. I tried to persuade myself that there was no way that they'd not only leave the animals in this heat, but also cover their cages with these thick tarps. I walked past a small hole in the tarp which allowed me to see in to one of the cages, I was heart broken to see the same 3 puppies that were there last week, all panting and resting on cold water bottles (I assume they were frozen but had melted). In disbelief, I pulled the tarp back so I could see into the cage next to this one, where my heart broke even more to see 6 puppies squished into another cage, also in this same predicament. The complex is made of corrugated iron/colourbond and doesn't have sufficent ventilation or fans, which is bad enough. However, the fact that their cages were covered with the tarps just ensured that they were receiving minimal air flow. Puppies are similar to human babies; and do not have the ability to control their own body temperatures, in which they were clearly suffering heat stroke symptoms (glazed eyes, excessive drooling and 2 of the puppies didn't seem stable on their legs at all). The worst part of this all is that placed on the tarp was a sign stating "Too hot to sell animals." However it isn't too hot to leave them locked in these cages? After making a post about this situation, I've had another girl come forward with an extremely similar situation to this and yet nothing has been done to stop it from occurring. It pains me that car windows can be broken to save animals, however we don't know how long these people have been mistreating animals and providing poor 'accomodation' and living standards while nothing has been done about it. Please sign this petition to spread the word and put a stop to it..