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Well. It is clear that there is a distinct problem with "bad breeders" who are people of which who breed pedigree animals without even giving them proper care. For instance, some may leave home unvaccinated, some may leave home malnourished, some may be interbred and some may have been succept to some horrible conditions. 

My experience with a bad breeder is that my mother received a free ragdoll cat from a friend, sounds great doesn't it? An expensive cat for free. We fell in love with this cat frankly, and the cat within two months of us receiving him got very ill. After spending about the cat's worth in medical expenses, we had found out that this cat had a disease called FIP which is commonly contracted through bad living conditions and EATING FECES. The vet even said to my mother that the cat came from a bad breeder. We had to have the cat put down as he was struggling to breathe.

Another experience we had was when we had been sold a cocker spaniel dog, and it turned out he was very interbred and we had to give him away. 

I have spoken to many people who are impacted by this, families that are heartbroken upon the death of their pet.

This would impact a lot of people, such as people who have been affected by bad breeding. They'd know whatever pet they had bought would receive a fair chance in life. It would stop the emotional trauma that may be implemented on to the poor families. This would impact me as I'm an avid lover of animals and a vegetarian, and the thought of someone doing this to an innocent animal makes my stomach churn. 

This system I wish to have implemented would be the compulsory licence that breeders should have to have, which comes with a check of records to show no convictions of animal abuse and a check of the house of the breeder. A certificate/or licence should be given to them to show anyone they are selling to. Checkups of the living conditions should also be put in place. Anyone found breeding without a licence should be fined and have their animals taken away if living conditions are bad or the animal has contracted an illness and then the breeder should be encouraged to gain a licence thereafter.


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