Locate owners of killed pets

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So my family have had to deal with two losses of our cats within 5 months.  This is due to careless driving and heartless people.  I'm not silly we live on a semi busy road and had 3 cats.  I understand that there are accidents but its the actions after the accident that i'm appalled with.  I understand there is a law if you hit a dog you must report it.  I think this should be done about cats.  A pet is a pet no matter how big they are you love them, you care for them and they are part of your family. So why is it acceptable to leave the cat in the middle of the road for the owner to find then and be traumatised by there deceased pet.  It is horrific trust me!  Most animals are now micro chipped so even taking it to the local vet would do if you don't want to face the owner yourself! My cat was killed and then left to die and run over multiple times. I knew it was her as soon as i saw. You can tell its not a wild animal!