Justice for Molly

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Molly was a beautiful and gentle 15 yr old.

On Friday night the 8th November 2019, Molly went outside her home into the front yard to do a tinkle. 

That is when she was savagely set upon by three dogs from a neighbouring property, and mauled to death. CCTV footage shows this attack went on for over 45 minutes where Molly was torn to pieces. This only ended when the owner of the three dogs came outside calling his dogs back inside his property. But, not before he picked up what remained of Molly disposing of her carelessly in a bin.

Vicious dogs like this with a pack mentality should not be free to roam our neighbourhood. We can not let this happen again.  Next time this could be your beloved family pet, or even worse a young child unable to defend themselves.

Please join my petition to have these animals removed from a clearly careless and callous owner, with little to no regard for other animals or people. 

I have approached the City of Rockingham Rangers wich are investigating now.

Rest in Peace

Mol Mol