Justice for Homer

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Homer deserves to have his story told.... Almost 6 years ago, Homer was seized by RSPCA as a 5-month-old puppy, under Breed Specific legislation, along with his dad Jack. Held in kennels for such a long time, Jack gave up the fight and he died frightened and alone.  Homer was assessed as a Pit Bull type dog, not by a Dog Legislation Officer as is customary, but by a vet that who was actually paid for directly by the RSPCA. It is believed that RSPCA has spent an estimated £280,000 of donated money, trying to kill this poor dog, who has done nothing wrong. Despite this and the clear discrepancies between the expert opinions, Homer has been condemned to death. He is waiting in kennels right now, for his sentence to be carried and he will be put to sleep in the coming days. 

Homer has done nothing wrong, so why has the RSPCA has only argued for destruction without any compromise? Last year, the RSPCA headlined a national campaign to end Breed Specific Legislation, at the same time as using your donations  to take court action to enforce it against Homer. Which face should we believe?

Please save Homer by signing this petition demanding that RSPCA accept that killing Homer would be a huge miscarriage of justice. We ask that they re-apply to court, to suspend the destruction order, as clearly this dog is not a danger to the public and does not deserve to die.