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Prosecute the Pony abusers!

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Recently a video surfaced on facebook of a young defenceless pony being viciously attacked. The attacker was Chloe Morgan of Llanelli she viciously abused an innocent pony tied to a wall. She was filmed striking the pony more then ten times with a whip because she was angry that the pony had bucked whilst she attempted to mount with no saddle. The pony bucking was due to her own lack of skills and the fact she is far to large for the small pony. The pony looked distressed and distraught. Repeatedly attempting to back away from the angry Chloe Morgan only to be relentlessly whipped and shouted out then further assaulted by the stable hand! This disgusting abuse was filmed by Chloe Williams daughter of the owners of the pony and the centre, Chloe Williams filmed this evil act and posted it on social media she thought it was funny. She also displays no remorse. Her father Paul Williams also abused the poor animal kicking the pony twice also witnessed at the end of the video . He should never be allowed to own or train people with animals again neither should Chloe Williams and especially not Chloe Morgan. Please sign this petition to make sure a prosecution is made! The RSPCA have visited the property and state there is an ongoing investigation. But according to the South Wales evening post when both the police and RSPCA visited they found no evidence of abuse. Yet we have all witnessed the evidence of abuse that the defenceless pony was subjected to and we want a prosecution! We pay/fund/support the RSPCA via donations to protect animals! We are aware they are a charity. We are aware of how many calls they receive. But we the people need to ensure that the RSPCA Protect innocent animals from the likes of Chloe Morgan, Chloe Williams and Paul Williams! Should this decision be out of their power then the government needs to make this happen! The police need to investigate! The CPS need to prosecute! These people need to be brought to justice! 

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