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Charge Chloe Morgan With Animal Abuse and Restrict Her Right To Own Animals.

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Following an incident involving Chloe Morgan and a grey pony the RSPCA have paid a visit to the young lady, family and pony in question.
Due to the ponies having the basic care required by the RSPCA and not showing an serious behavioral side affects of long term abuse the RSPCA have decided not to press charges in relation to the incident.

For all who have seen the footage of the incident in question this petition has been set up to express the concerns of the public for the welfare of any animal under the care/ownership of Chloe Morgan.
Please as an animal lover sign, share and support this petition to help the RSPCA re think their decision to not press charges. Details and video links to the incident are below.

The incident - the young lady in
question(Chloe Morgan) attempted to sit bare back(no saddle etc) on a small grey pony while the pony was tied to what appears to be a stable block.
The pony for what ever reason be it behavioral/health etc was not happy with this and bucked to throw Chloe Morgan off.
Chloe Morgan then proceeded to use a whip to whip the pony repeatedly. The pony is clearly distressed and scared. Following multiple forceful whips from Chloe Morgan and unidentified man then kicks the pony twice.
Link -
Wether or not you agree hitting/punishing an animal when it 'misbehaves' - j personally don't ever believe there is a need to - it is clear to all who witness this footage that this poor pony is suffering abuse at the hands of Chloe Moran. The family and friends approve of her behaviour which leads many to fear further abuse will follow. The condition and health of her animals does not change her actions seen in the footage of this incident.

It is abuse.
It must be stopped.
We must speak for those who can not speak. Those who abuse animals should be charged fittingly as those who assault/abuse humans do.


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