Bring back the 80x50cm RSPCA minimum enclosure size for Hamsters

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The RSPCA previously recommended an enclosure size of 80cmx50cm for hamsters. They have since removed this minimum from their website and left it open to interpretation. 

Hamsters need this minimum floor space to carry out natural behaviours. Despite their size, they are extremely active pets and require a lot of enrichment which simply is not possible in smaller cages. Housing hamsters in cages under this minimum can induce extreme stress behaviours such a bar biting and wall scaling. The majority of widely marketed hamster cages for example ones sold in chain pets stores aka Pets at Home, do not meet this minimum, and are marketed as childrens toys.

These small pets deserve the correct treatment and awareness of animal cruelty and abuse towards hamsters needs to be highlighted - something the RSPCA acknowledged but have now neglected to mention. Many first time hamster owners will look to the RSPCA for correct advice, therefore we need to ensure correct enclosure size is of utmost priority to hamster owners, and, to one of the UKs leading animal charities.