Bella the puppy Mexborough

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Introducing GAVIN WHALE & SELINA SHAW from Mexborough 


These pair of abusive dog owners think it is acceptable to leave their dog gagged and caged in snowy weather after throwing water over their helpless pet � it's torture!


*UPDATE; The dog has been rescued and is now receiving the TLC that it deserves. 


Although this pair of evil scum deserve the same treatment as they gave their dog we ask that you refrain from taking matters into your own hands as you will become liable for prosecution and it may impact the case against them �


Petition link to urge our Justice System to prosecute 

we want them in court to cruelty to animals 

The law is failing to adequately protect animals/pets and ensure that the punishment administered to those responsible for acts of cruelty towards them fits the crime.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, the term of imprisonment for even the most heinous does not exceed 51 weeks, and all too often abusers of family pets and domestic animals are “getting away with murder". A lifetime ban and/or fine is insufficient. There is no excuse.

We would like to see the current law amended and the term of imprisonment increased to 2 years at the very least, bringing it in line with other serious criminal offences.