Australian Emu killer should get maximum penalty

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Most of us have seen this man and his proud video footage pop up in our feeds over the last week with what can only be described as a harsh, cruel and callous rampage on at least a dozen of our own protected wild native birds. Leaving them little chance at survival and all while laughing and enjoying himself. 

The common belief, is that our legal system is going to let us down again and we would like the government of Australia use this man as an example for other cruel hearted humans out there, who think this kind of behaviour is any kind of OK. 

We insist that this man be handed maximum penalty for *at least*  1 of the 12 native birds he butchered with his ute that day especially considering the sadistic enjoyment of his slaughter. 

Our justice system can not let Jacob MacDonald get away with his crimes by giving the man a slap on the wrist.