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Animal cruelty in UK lets get an official public record of offenders.

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I am tired of courts giving offenders slap on the wrist or a suspended sentence even if its been a massive puppy farm operation where loads of poor animals are treated abominably for profit.  

I feel that if we could have a register of offenders available to the public as they do in America the public have a chance of avoiding these people so we don't fund their next business venture.  Also we could report if they are operating again or if an individual who was previously banned from having a pet has attained one we can get them investigated quickly and stop cruelty happening again.  If you were selling a pet you could also look up the register and make sure your pet is going to a good home and not entering a bad situation.

Its not right to treat animals badly and we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. So wether its cruelty against domestic, farm animals or wildlife there name and details should be held on a register and updated. Please show you support a register of offenders and sign the petition, we need to change things as the courts sentencing isn't helping as seen by this latest .

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However, the SSPCA have said before that they would welcome a register of offenders in the UK.






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