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Stop Human Cruelty to Wild Birds

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Today, my father came home from work and told me a story that another employee had told him about a shop customer who had kicked a baby seagull against a wall, killing it instantly and without remorse — his justification being that he “hates seagulls.”

This is not an excuse for such brutality, and I myself have witnessed other instances of direct misconduct to wild birds, including pigeons being struck and kicked in the middle of a crowded Glasgow Central Station.

These are just a couple of incidences amongst a sea of similar incidences that I'm certain take place everyday.  I fear that this will become commonplace, to just destroy at will whatever you dislike, and this in turn, could be damaging to the bird population, especially if this behaviour is also being used against endangered species of birds.

When this sort of unnecessary violence goes without penalty or punishment, it encourages cruelty to animals within public spaces, making the RSPB's job so much harder.  For this reason there should be on-the-spot fines in place for those who exhibit this conduct towards wild birds.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' (RSPB's) guide to "Wild birds and the law in Scotland" states that: "All birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law and it is an offence, with certain exceptions, to: intentionally or recklessly kill, injure or take any wild bird." (Wild birds and the law in Scotland, RSPB, page 9).

The RSPB do everything they can to protect our wildlife and birds and crimes like this that are already against the law and prohibited by the RSPB should be investigated further and fined where witnessed or where there is evidence present.

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