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Reconsider your position and object to the proposed T in the Park at Strathallan Castle Estate, Perthshire.

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Strathallan Castle Estate in rural Perthshire is home to an abundance of wildlife: Red Squirrels, Otters, Badgers and Bats as well as four Schedule 1 bird species (Ospreys; Kingfishers; Barn Owls; and Red Kites), eight Red Listed species, and 15 Amber Listed species.

It is also the proposed location for the T in the Park music festival. This event attracts over 90,000 people - the equivalent of the fifth largest city in Scotland. The construction and decommissioning of the festival would take 12 weeks, every year.  In the words of nature writer Jim Crumley: ‘the environmental impact would be colossal, the wildlife would be seriously comprised by (the event’s) massive intrusion.’ (The Courier, 3 March 2015).

RSPB have not objected to this proposal, although they state 'we remain disappointed with (concert organisers) DF Concerts Limited’s minimalist and rather last minute approach to mitigating their impact on birds and wildlife'.

A decision on whether this event will go ahead is not expected until 13 May, but already DFC are employing their ‘pre-emptive mitigation measures’: riverbanks are being netted to stop Kingfishers from nesting; fields are being grazed heavily and so ground nesting birds, like the Skylarks, are being displaced; and the resident Ospreys, Earl and Countess, are being evicted from their nest of five years.  

DFC have not completed a breeding bird survey.  Nor have they completed surveys for the Schedule 1 birds.  They have used information provided in the BTO Bird Atlas, but one of the four tetrads (covering the main site arena) registers ‘No data’. Without these surveys, DFC have not been able to design the layout of the festival to properly accommodate the wildlife.  Without these surveys, there is no baseline against which to assess the impact of this event on wildlife over the years.

RSPB, the largest conservation organisation in the UK, must stand up to the extremely wealthy and powerful DFC.  RSPB must object to this proposal to protect this beautiful habitat and all the wildlife therein.  Is this not the very purpose of RSPB?

Please sign our petition urging RSPB to give nature a home.  If you are a member of RSPB, please mention this in your comment.

You can also write directly to RSPB HQ, The Lodge, Potton Rd, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL.   

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