Re-instate Community Bands as part of the ANZAC Day Parade in the ACT

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Canberra City Band performed at the first ACT ANZAC Day Service on Camp Hill (later Parliament House) in 1926 as the only band in the ACT. It has contributed vibrantly to every ANZAC Day Parade (outside of depression/wartime) since then.

For 2018, (92 years after its first ANZAC Day), Canberra City Band has been removed from the parade without consultation, to be replaced by speakers echoing a single band at the top of ANZAC Parade. Many other community bands have also been removed. The band that will play, (who are fantastic), will not be able to play constantly for the entire duration of the event.

The inclusion of live music brings an immeasurable, tremendous spirit to this event, as the community bands usually begin playing well before the actual march commences. This sets a tone of pride, spirit, 'event', and camaraderie among the thousands of military personnel and spectators. The day belongs to the military, and to provide them with military-style music is an absolute honour.

We believe removing the live music element of the ANZAC Day parade will severely diminish the spirit of the day compared to previous years. We believe that the feeling of pride and honour is amplified by the inclusion of live music along the parade route. 

We also feel that the 'look' of hundreds of passionate musicians along the parade route contributes greatly towards honouring our troops. To replace those people with speakers and cables will remove the human qualities from the event, and make it feel cold and impersonal. 

There are a variety of alternative compromises which will address all of the RSL's concerns. We passionately seek to reach a compromise that will achieve ALL of our mutual goals to honour and serve. 

Canberra City Band turns 93 years old in 2018 and is proud to say that they have performed at every ANZAC Day since their inception (outside of depression and wartime). Please help us retain this tradition which is so important to our members and our community.

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