Stop trying to prevent Tanner's return to his owner, Mama Dianne!

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After four months and some bumps in the road, it became evident that a crippled puppy named Tanner was not progressing with the treatments he was receiving at the hands of Royal Rescue in Castle Rock CO, or at the expected pace. After an enormous amount of researching local facilities in Missouri to obtain treatment, his owner, Dianne Ries, made the decision to bring Tanner home. Unfortunately and for unknown reasons, Royal Rescue has chosen to try to prevent Tanner's return to Mama Dianne and an ensuing legal battle is taking place. Please let Royal Rescue know how you feel about what they are doing by signing this petition!

On March 20, 2012, a plea went out for rescue of a crippled puppy who was the only remaining placement needed out of 131 dogs, 6 cats, a goat and some turtles that had been seized from a hoarding situation in Missouri. All had to be placed by March 22, 2012. The lone crippled puppy was Tanner and without placement, his only option was humane euthanasia.

Tanner was only 7 months old, a Doxie mix, maybe with a little black/tan coonhound. Tanner was said to be paralyzed in his rear quarters from an injury he received at approximately 2 months of age when he was kicked between his back legs, up into his stomach. The resultant injury being one large upwardly tented fracture mid back in his spine and two smaller ones. As if someone had used him as a football.
With no other angels stepping up for Tanner, Dianne Ries said she would take him and he arrived at her home the evening of March 22, 2012.

His personality and outlook on life were fabulous. He was clearly ‘all puppy.’
The rescue community, Dianne's associates and friends got busy gathering funds for his vetting with one friend contacting Royal Rescue in Colorado, a rescue that takes in special needs dogs for assessment, therapy and rehabilitation. Videos and photos were sent to their veterinarians. Based on what they saw, although preliminary, they absolutely believed Tanner could be helped. In one of the vets’ words, “there’s no reason he should not be able to walk.’

Tanner was almost immediately fitted with a wheelchair at Dianne's and he took to it with gusto. He made tracks all over the four acres of rough field and woods, keeping Dianne hopping to make sure he didn’t head down the pond embankment to join the other dogs for a swim.

As has been true since the day Dianne met him, Tanner wanted nothing more than to live, play, and, when he was worn out, have a dog or human friend to cuddle up with. He of course had no idea how much time Mama Dianne spent thinking about how to find the funds he needed for the treatment and rehab that Royal Rescue said would be thousands of dollars. Tanner had no idea. He was very busy living. But Mama Dianne wanted so much for him to be able to run. She wanted him to be able to keep up with the other dogs he loved so much. She wanted his wounds to heal and for him to know what it was like to live without pain.

Royal Rescue said it was possible and Dianne felt she had to know if it was true. It’s a lot of money for one dog. And, as always, the questions come, “is it worth it?” Tanner's spirit was huge. He had never given up, regardless of what life handed him. He took it all in stride, getting up every morning ready to irritate the other dogs and find anything he could to fling around in play. He didn't care if it was an actual dog toy or a 25 cent potholder purchased in desperation at a garage sale to keep him entertained. He lived as if life was his own big bowl of cherries just waiting to be snatched. He was worth it. Definitely worth it.

So on May 3, 2012 Tanner traveled to Colorado to Royal Rescue via the CARE transport to see just how much they could help him.

Update To Tanner's Facebook Family: Legal fees and expenses are mounting. If you are able and so inclined to help us out with that, it will be greatly appreciated!

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