Allowing All faiths to pray in Hyde Park (speakers corner)

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Dear Sir/Madam(public),

I am writing this petition in regards to the royal parks policy, collective prayer. Recently the police and other respected forces have taken action in enforcing a policy which specifically targets Muslims in the prayers they observe. 

As many well know, that for over 35 years Muslims along with other faiths have been observing their respective prayers without being stopped or advised not to. It is shocking that Muslims have been stopped after so long, if it really is a problem why were they not stopped in the 80s, 90s or noughties? Why today? Ironically it has come at a time when Muslims are being attacked verbally (and physically) for there beliefs by hate preachers and the far right. Are they really only enforcing the policy of the park or also the policy of the far right, to stop Muslims in their acts of worship, to cause Muslims problems.

The police force, even told us that we are being requested not to pray because they fear for our safety. From Who? We know who, those who spread hate. So why is it they are stopping Muslims and not those hate preachers. 

Ironically Christians also pray, which we respect but why are they not having policies enforced like the Muslims. The double standards speak volumes. Also many royal park policies are not being enforced, but of many, one which affects Muslims, is. Also in your policy, you state allowing one group to do collective prayers will affect everyone else. No, this is not the case as i can comfortably tell you for decades Christians along with Muslims, Jews have been praying and their has been no problem.

I thank you for reading my letter and would appreciate if you gave Muslims, Christians, Jews and every other faith the permission to pray because we have been doing it for decades with no problem, on the sides causing no harm.

Many Thanks,




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