Royal Mail Risk Public Health During Coronavirus

Royal Mail Risk Public Health During Coronavirus

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Emma Cork started this petition to Royal Mail

This is how Royal mail is risking public safety and health of their customers and employees during the coronavirus. Royal Mail claims to be an 'essential service' although all they are doing is delivering members of the public letters which are not essential and potentially could carry this virus from interaction from infected people. This is endangering the workers and the public. All it takes is one infected member of staff to touch a handful of letters for it to only spread to every other letter then onto every household that handles that letter. 

This is due to the lack of PPE issued to members of staff during this time and also ignoring any advice from the government with regards to social distancing. Whilst other companies have issued sanitiser, rubber gloves and other items to assist their staff in being safe during their work, Royal Mail has done nothing putting members of the public at high risk, especially those who are vulnerable at this time. 

Whilst mail is sorted in the morning, staff have been interacting both face to face and also with the letters that they hand from person to person. This can also mean someone in London in a mail centre sorting the letter who could have the virus is then sending the letter which is travelling to a small village could potentially infect the whole village due to one letter touching every other letter during the morning. Especially 1st Class letters which are sent and delivered within 24 hours. 

The latest figures for how long it takes the virus to stay on any surface can be anything between several hours to several days which puts everyone at risk. Mail can be sent from the sender and be delivered in 24 hours by Royal Mail whilst travelling through the network and being touched by several people and also touching other parcels which have been touched by others, therefore increasing the risk of infection as none of these members of staff have any PPE.

Royal Mail have failed to safeguard staff and members of the public due to not issuing or doing the following:

- Hand sanitiser - NONE

- Social distancing at delivery offices during sorting - NOPE

- Face masks - NONE

- Gloves - NONE

- Cleaning of vans after each driver - NO

- Morning meetings to update us - NO

- No cleaning of all equipment - NO

- Cleaning of PDAs after every day - NO

- Cleaning of vans after every day - NO

- Stop delivering all unnecessary mail, cruise brochures, clothing catalogue - NO

- No locations to wash your hands even without hand sanitiser - NO

- Telling customers or staff if someone who they work closely with has gone off with coronavirus - NO

- Telling staff who show symptoms of coronavirus that their pay will be stopped if they go off sick - YES

- Forcing staff to stay at work whilst clearly showing possible symptoms - YES

- Forcing staff to stay at work after them telling they have shown symptoms - YES


Royal Mail is not protecting both its staff and every single member of the public in the United Kingdom by not providing such basic protection or procedures to reduce the risk of infection. This petition is here to show Royal Mail that their staff and members of the public are concerned that they are doing nothing to help.

The solution is simple. Issue all your staff with the necessary measures to prevent further infection by doing the following

- Issue all staff hand sanitiser

- Issue all staff gloves

- Ensure letters are handled in an environment that reduces possible contamination

- Enforce social distancing in all offices

- Deliver only key items to customers such as medication and letters which are needed, not leaflets for pizza, brochures for cruises or junk mail.


If Royal Mail really cared about its customers or staff during this time, they would put all the above plus more into action, but currently, it just seems they just want to make money as a private company and putting both the workers of Royal Mail and the communities they serve at risk.

Please sign this petition not only to support your postman/postwoman but also to protect their families and yours from the risk of infection from this virus due to the naive attitude of Royal Mail Management.

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At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!