Stop defending a man convicted of

Stop defending a man convicted of

31 May 2012
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Started by Melinda Liszewski

BREAKING NEWS: The Royal Humane Society has tonight (Tuesday) revoked the "bravery award" given to the man who viciously bashed Jeannie. It comes after a huge media turnout for Jeannie delivering the petition to Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, a vice-president of the Society. 


"Among his brutal acts, McCuskey punched a pregnant Jeannie Blackburn and while she was on the ground he kicked her in the stomach, while she screamed, "Stop it Paul, the baby!"." -- Herald Sun, 1st June.

Paul McCuskey was convicted of viciously beating his former partner: she miscarried soon after and was left permanently blind in one eye -- but the Royal Humane Society has decided he should keep his "Bravery Award" and hero status.

I just read all this in this Herald Sun article:

I'm a mum from Brisbane, and the details of McCuskey's beatings are terrifying and are so hard to read. But even worse is that a charity that I trust to hold up role models to our society could think this man should still be labelled a "hero". As they awarded him the honour, he was serving a minimum three year sentence for a series of violent attacks against his former partner. 

Our Governor-General Quintin Bryce, and patron of the charity, has today called publicly for the award to be retracted.

Please join her and sign my petition calling on the Royal Humane Society to stop endorsing a man convicted of viciously beating his partner, and strip him of the "Bravery Award".

Domestic violence in Australia is at 'epidemic' proportions - I recently read in Mamamia that in Australia almost every week someone is killed by their partner or former partner. 

This is completely unacceptable -- and the Royal Humane Society's endorsement of Paul McCuskey is disgraceful. This is not the type of person that should be celebrated as a 'hero' - no matter what their previous record. 

Can you please share this on Facebook and Twitter too? This is too important to go unnoticed! 

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 18,564 supporters!

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