6 November 2020
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Royal Courts of Justice, London and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Myles Gilbert

Johnny Depp is a victim.

This is apparently something the justice system refuses to accept, based on their rebuttal of the star in his recent libel trial against British tabloid The Sun, a source notorious for their constant misinformation. 

The article The Sun released has been unfairly damaging to Mr Depp's reputation, labelling him a "wife beater". Supposedly, the victim was actress Amber Heard, a woman arrested previously for domestic violence, his ex wife. However, as seen in the trial, the truth is quite the contrary. 

Mr Depp has put forth witnesses, recordings, photographs and other sources of evidence, all of which has significant weight to it, in opposition to Heard's mere claims and weak sources. It has unravelled a horrific cycle of abuse that he has suffered at the hands of his former wife. To simply turn a blind eye to this evidence is pure ignorance.

Now, he has suffered an atrocious act of injustice. 

On November 2nd, a judge, notably one with ties to Heard's legal team, ruled in favour of The Sun, with little consideration for any word said or put forth by Depp, leading the media to spotlight the abuser as a martyr for domestic violence survivors and the victim as a soulless monster.

The cost of this significantly flawed and unbalanced judgement would be significant for Depp, a man known by friends and the public to be incredibly kind hearted in both his nature and his actions, as well as his career and his family, with him already being forced to stand down from his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the "Fantastic Beasts" series of films by Warner Brothers Studios. This simply will not do.

Johnny Depp must have justice. Nobody deserves such treatment, even if they are a powerful male in Hollywood. The highly misleading perception that only women are victims of domestic violence is being fueled through what is happening to Depp and that's not only unfair for him, but for every other man who has had their life punctured by domestic violence.

Not only must Johnny Depp be declared innocent, due to the overwhelming evidence in his favour, but he must be offered his role as Grindelwald back, as well as that of Captain Jack Sparrow on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, after heavy rumours of replacement. His unjust removal from these projects sends an extremely negative message to male DA sufferers and survivors. However, displaying Depp's innocence and earing him the justice he deserves is obviously the primary objective of this petition. 

We are not fighting for him because of his stardom and our admiration of his acting. It is simply the right thing to do in this situation. Johnny Depp deserves so much better than this. 

Does someone who

- Called him a "f***ing baby" and taunted him that he would be unable to convince people of the abuse he received from her

- Admitted to hitting him and lying on various recordings

- Violently assaulted him, verbally and physically 

- Faked bruises and cuts with make up, with them disappearing the day after pictures were taken

Deserve victory?

I don't think so.

We don't think so. 

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Signatures: 399Next Goal: 500
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