Royal Commission -No More Bullying- Safe Workplaces for Australian Nurses & Midwives NOW!

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Nurses and Midwives in Australia are frequently subjected to horrific bullying. What did they do to deserve it? Pointed out a patient safety issue most likely. Made a manager angry that they were called out or had to deal with something unpleasant. The bullying is systemic, toxic, ingrained, cruel and unethical. Those in power control, threaten, and create fear, then deny it is happening, and blame the target. The sequelae to all the mind-games, abuse of power, and unethical decision-making is psychological injury. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, fear, hypervigilance, PTSD, are all symptoms of psychological injury. Suicide is the tragic outcome in some circumstances. We urge all Nurses and Midwives, Allied Health staff (incl Dr's) and members of the public to stand up and say NO MORE! No more dead or bullied health staff! 

Work Health and Safety law needs to include compulsory standards specific to the education, treatment, discipline, and compliance to law in order to force Health employers to eradicate bullying. A Parliamentary inquiry was conducted into Bullying in 2012, but compliance via law was not achieved (due to Liberal party opposition). Therefore bullies are still getting away with it. SHAME AUSTRALIA!

Work Cover law allows employers to bully using the 'reasonable management' clause. That needs to change! Psychological injury also needs to be treated the same as physical injury - and the claimant treated with specific care. As the law stands, it has a clause to exclude any claim of psychological damage to the complainant during the claim process. Basically they can behave as badly as they want without being held to account. Claimants have likened the process to be even worse than the original psychological injury. SHAME AUSTRALIA!

Individual regions within state health departments have a 'duty of care' to provide safe workplaces, including psychological health, according to Work Health and Safety law. There are known pockets of management bullies within certain regions and they need to be exposed. We demand a Royal Commission into all state Health departments and Work Cover for their bullying behaviour because it is necessary to force participation and disclosure of information to one authority with the power to act.

Stand with us and speak, even if your voice shakes! Don't let those words be rhetoric. Sign now.