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Daniel Doherty the Veterinary surgeon owner of my vet 24-7 in Hillingdon West London involved in falsifying thousands of puppy vaccination records and aiding a puppy farming gang in importing thousands of sick illegal puppies today was sentenced at Isleworth crown court after previously pleading not guilty to the charged stated below.. after a lengthy court case involving ex members of staff another concerned Veterinary surgeon and RSPCA inspectors Daniel Doherty was found guilty by a unanimous verdict.

So it is very hard to believe that today this Veterinary surgeon Daniel Doherty was only given a 12 month suspended sentence 80 hours community service and £140 court fees no I didn't miss any zeros on the end of that figure.

We believe Daniel Doherty should have his Veterinary Iicence revoked and him be struck of the Royal college of Veterinary surgeons list.

Please read all of the news and media links and find out for yourself exactly how this vet abuses he's qualification and in turn ripped of thousands of owners and left many dead or dying puppies.