Investigate Jessica Yaniv for child sexual exploitation now!

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A ‘transwoman’ named Jessica Yaniv, formerly Jonathan Yaniv has launched legal action against 16 female esthetician’s complaining that ‘her’ human rights were violated when they refused to wax his testicles. 

Some of the women settled out of court paying thousands to Yaniv. Others closed their businesses. Some respondents testified that they had been diagnosed with depression anxiety, couldn’t sleep couldn’t function due to the stress of Yanivs actions.

Meanwhile, credible evidence has emerged of Yaniv grooming young girls online. Girls, now adults, revealed that when they were as young as 12 they received inappropriate images, sexual messages, were propositioned sexually when ‘Jessica’ was 27 years old and still going by Jonathan. This persons messages also revealed what appears to be a menstrual fetish, requesting photos of used tampons from these young girls and engaging in disturbing sexualised discussions about periods.

Much of this evidence has circulated online, some has been verified as Yaniv by journalists. And yet Yanivs continued assault on the livelihoods and well-being of women he has taken to the human rights tribunal continues unabated. There has been no comment from law enforcement, no evidence that the human rights tribunal has expressed any concern about the human rights of teenage girls, or the immigrant women who have been targeted by Yaniv.

Enough is enough. Police must investigate Yaniv, now!