The removal of the Slave trader Sir Hans Sloane statue. Duke of York square.

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As a regular shopper in the Kings Road and Sloane street. I have now stopped due to the history of Sir Hans Sloane, and his direct linking and profiting from the trafficing of human pain and suffering namely Slavery. I believe it is a time to put an end to glorification of pain and suffering, I can assure you this statue is causing pain and suffering, and will continue to cause pain and suffering. Much of Britains wealth was built on Slavery, Many of our iconic buildings are a testament to the British slave trade and empire (The British Museum) we do not need statues as constant reminders pushed in our face, I believe the statue should be put in the British Museum with his beloved fossils. It is time for the council to take full responsibility to it's residents and to it's visitors and to it's shoppers. This is an insult, this statue sends chills down my spine. Sir Hans Sloane married Elizabeth Langley Rose, widow of the planter Fulke Rose, whose plantations brought his family substantial income. In 1707 and 1725, Sloane published his lavishly illustrated two-volume Natural history of Jamaica, and he enjoyed extensive correspondence with Caribbean planters and merchants throughout his life. The time is now for change.