Revoke the statute protecting hunting dogs from citation for aggressive and dangerous behavior toward people, livestock, and pets while engaged in a hunt.

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On October 13, 2014, my dogs and I were viciously attacked by a large pack of out of control hunting dogs while backpacking in the mountains of North Carolina.  The hunters took 45 minutes to arrive and pull their dogs off of me (12 dogs in total).  During the fight to protect the lives of my dogs, I was bitten badly several times in my hands and legs.  My dogs were nearly killed and suffered serious wounds.  I have no doubt my dogs would have been killed if I had not defended them. 

The hunters took no ownership of the damages their dogs inflicted (totaling ~$1800 in damages) and continue to hide from authorities.  During the process of this traumatic event, I was told that the owners of hunting dogs are exempt from being cited for aggressive and dangerous behavior (including killing of pets or livestock) while engaged in a lawful hunt.  

Hunting dogs need to be on equal footing with other dogs.  There is no excuse for allowing such behavior to occur nor for no laws being present to hold hunters accountable for poorly trained and dangerous dogs.  Dogs acting in a pack are capable of killing not only family pets and livestock, but also people.  Please sign the petition to ask that legislators remove language granting hunting dogs protection from being cited for their dangerous behavior.  

Please note: these dogs are allowed to train in the woods for 8 months out of the year.  Avoiding hunting season does not mean you will not run into them.