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Allow rehabilitation of orphaned 'Rabies Vector' species in NC!! Save our Wildlife!

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Every year, thousands of orphaned and injured raccoon, grey fox, red fox, coyote, skunk and bats in our state are needlessly killed at the hands of those who want so much to help them!! PLEASE review the 'rabies vector' laws and allow permit holders to care for these animals!!

Wildlife rehabbers are willing to be trained, are willing to be vaccinated and want to save these species rather than be forced to euthanize them!

It is cruel to wildlife lovers to have to kill harmless, helpless infants that people bring into their care to be helped. They get their training and their licenses, and their vaccines so they can help. LET THEM.

Vaccinating and releasing rabies vector species would actually decrease the threat of rabies in our state and would help preserve our precious wildlife rather than just disposing of healthy infants that would have otherwise survived if not for our human interference in the first place. Our neighboring states allow the rehabilitation of these species, have effective methods of handling such wildlife and we should take the same stand!!

Please, stand with me in helping to change these laws. Stop the needless disposal of orphaned wildlife and help re-educate the public on what can actually be done to stop the spread of rabies.

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