Bring the original version of Silver back to Angry Birds media

Bring the original version of Silver back to Angry Birds media

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We, the Angry Birds fandom, want the character of Silver to return to her original design/personality and stay that way.

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In the game Angry Birds 2, a brand-new bird character was introduced to the Angry Birds flock; Silver, a silly and hyperactive grey bird who was mysteriously found and raised by pigs, causing her to adopt many pig-like behaviors and mannerisms. Especially due to her accompanying origin comic, Silver quickly won fans over and inspired much speculation. What was her relationship like with the pigs? What was her life like growing up? What caused her to eventually turn against the pigs who raised her and join Red’s flock in laying waste to their fortresses? Many fans expected Silver to appear in the second Angry Birds movie, and there was much anticipation to finally be able to learn more about potentially one of the franchise’s most interesting and unique characters. And appear she did... sort of.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 introduced fans to an entirely new version of Silver, one who had been changed so fundamentally that she had almost nothing in common with her original counterpart other than her name. [For the sake of distinction, we will refer to her as “Movie!Silver”, and the original as “Game!Silver” henceforth]. Unlike Game!Silver, who closely resembled a falcon, Movie!Silver sported an unrecognizable design, complete with pink accents (meaning that now all three female birds in Red’s flock are now partially pink), long twin-tails, as well as a complete absence of all of her recognizable markings, and even her iconic slicked-back “hairdo”. It was easily the most drastic design change a major Angry Birds character had ever received. Moreover, Movie!Silver was an incredibly intelligent and talented engineer, who also happened to be Chuck’s sister and an eventual love interest for Red. For all intents and purposes, she was an entirely new character who just happened to share Game!Silver’s name. It was also was noted by many that Movie!Silver’s role was almost identical to that of Dahlia, an existing hyper-intelligent scientist/engineer character that many fans have expressed interest in seeing more of. It is a common sentiment that Game!Silver, a perfectly good character with a lot of potential for storytelling, has been forcibly changed into something entirely different in order to fill a niche that had already been filled by Dahlia.

The mini-series Bubble Trouble restored some hope as it featured a Silver that was far more faithful to Game!Silver, having regained her facial markings/“hairdo”, once against exhibiting piglike mannerisms, and her inventions/contraptions being closer in nature to those of a minion pig. In spite of this, Movie!Silver has gradually seeped into the games, with her taking the place of Game!Silver in both Angry Birds Journey and Angry Birds Reloaded. A recent community post on the official Angry Birds YouTube channel has caused further concern among Game!Silver fans, as it suggests that Movie!Silver is here to stay (“Say hi to Silver and her brand new upgraded look!”). This, coupled with the recent announcement that future games will share a unified continuity with Reloaded is what finally prompted us to create this petition. We fully understand that it is in Rovio’s best interest, especially from a marketing standpoint, to commit to a singular version of this character, rather than constantly switching between two wildly different versions of Silver. However, given that one is a unique and interesting character that is well-liked by the fans and full of storytelling potential, and the other is a divisive character to whom the fandom’s reception has been lukewarm at best (+ her being interchangeable with Dahlia), it is clear that the best option is to bring back Game!Silver as the main incarnation of the character.

Knowing that fan campaigns in the past have had a tendency to become somewhat hostile, we pledge to absolutely not harass or antagonize Rovio in any way to get our message across, and strongly encourage all supporters to not do so either. We very much appreciate Rovio’s willingness to listen to its fans, and this petition is made with all due respect and in the spirit of giving honest feedback.

51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!