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Stop horse slaughter in the state of New Mexico.

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The slaughter of horses for meat is not only unneccessary but it is also harmful in many ways.

Learn the truth about horse slaughter and find out why you should support seeing it banned in the United States. Here are the facts:
Horses are our trusted companions and have never been raised for human consumption in America.
Owner responsibility is the answer.
Horse slaughter and even transport to slaughter are abuses.
Slaughter is not a humane form of euthanasia.
Slaughter is not a “necessary evil.
Drugs given to horses are dangerous to humans.
The foreign-owned plants in the U.S. are not a better alternative than horse slaughter plants over the border.
Ending horse slaughter won’t lead to an increase in unwanted horses and result in horse abuse and neglect.
Banning horse slaughter will not undermine private property rights.
Ending horse slaughter will not cause environmental harm.
Ending horse slaughter will not cause the federal government to face the financial burden of care for horses no longer going to slaughter.
Horses are often starved to near death prior to slaughter to provide the leanest meat possible. They are often transported in overcrowded situations with no food or water. Blind, sick and pregnant horses included. They are often stabbed with their spinal cord severed and disemboweled. There are no regulations in place to protect the welfare of the animals. They can be saved and should be saved. Do not allow this torture in our community.

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