My son was only 31 he was addicted to white cider. He died on 9th August 2018.

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My son died vomiting blood holding  my hand he was 31 yrs old. My son Kyle was full of life he was loved by all his family and friends and it's hard to believe he's gone. Kyle suffered with severe anxiety and agoraphobia so he drank alcohol to give him currage to go outside, answer his phone or front door or just to goto the shop. His choice of drink was white cider "frosty jacks" "white lightning" are couple of the names used. It only costs £4.50 for a 3ltr bottle and is 7.5% while other sting beers are around £3 for 1 can. The people drinking this cheap strong cider are people on a low income or benefits. People who can't afford other types of alcohol. White Cider is made by using the left over pulp from apples that is sometimes fed to live stock. It has so many chemicals in it's ingredients. I would like white cider to be increased in price so the people who are getting so easily addicted to it would have to choose an alternative less potant alternative. Please help me change this so many people are loosing their lives due to addiction, especially to white cider.