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Stop killing animals to create purses and other fashion items out of deer skin/fur!!!

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A fashion designer in the U.K. is making handbags and iPad cases out of deer skin and fur.  The designer's name is Rosemary Hobrough and she is from Dorset in the U.K.  

Ms. Hobrough recently responded to this petition.  As such, I believe it appropriate to update this petition.  Before doing so, I want to say that the purpose of this petition is for Ms. Hobrough to stop using deer skin/fur for purses and iPad cases that she sells.  It is this writer's belief that regardless of how the skin/fur is obtained it is the result of an animal being killed to serve humans and so should not happen. 

In this day and age there simply is no reason to make any clothing or accessories from animal products!  The fur industry is cruel and savage and this designer is contributing to the misery of harmless animals for the sake of supporting her murdering husband, a dollar and her shameless ego!

Please do not purchase products from her on-line store RAH & Co (the trading name of Hobrough Associates Limited) or shop in stores/outlets that sell her products.  Doing so condones the murder of the innocent and encourages others to do the same utilizing deer and other types of skin/fur. 

Please sign this petition pledging to set an example by not purchasing clothing and accessories that are manufactured using animal products and by all means do not purchase any products of any nature designed by Rosemary Hobrough.

Reflected below is Ms. Hobrough's response to the petition.  Please review and decide, based on the information above and below, if you want to sign the petition.  Thank you.



Not one deer has been killed to supply me with material for my business. All the hides are a bi-product of the meat trade.

• My motivation for launching RAH & Co is simply that almost all deer hides in the UK are thrown away. It is a terrible waste. Our ancestors would not have been so profligate. Indeed the Inuit, Sami and Nenets peoples who live in close harmony with the natural environment, use every part of the animal – meat, sinew, bone, antlers. It is my belief that we have much to re-learn from them.

• I do not use material from animals culled by my husband. I use fallow and red deer for my products. He manages roe deer, one of our two native species in the UK.

• If we don’t manage our deer population, rare woodland plants are put at risk and other wildlife suffers, particularly song birds. The Forestry Commission has undertaken detailed research in this area$FILE/fcin36.pdf Agricultural products also are damaged, products on which vegans depend.

• My interest is in deer not fashion. My background is as a biologist. When the business becomes profitable I shall contribute a share of profits to deer research. There are some very important programmes in the UK – for example, the Pere David (milu) deer, which became extinct in China, has been re-established in Woburn (a famous UK deer park) and re-introduced to China. It is great work and the type of activity that I would like to support.

• I am keeping work in the rural economy and it needs all the help it can get.

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