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Bring Zeus back home

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Zeus is a lovely mild mannered rottweiler - absolutely friendly and lovable with an excellent temperament, although if you ever raise your hand at him or he senses a repulsive negative energy exuding from you, he will get angry and show you his teeth. He has been known to bite those that are aggressive towards him.

Zeus is approximately 15-months old, and has been living with Annette, his owner, since he was 7 weeks old. She has trained him as a security dog and can perform an arrangement of useful talents for Annette to make her life that much safer and easier – from turning on lights in her home and opening doors, to barking when intruders are near... he can even ride a scooter.

Annette is a master practitioner of Reiki and has formed an incredibly strong bond with Zeus, she has even opened channel on YouTube to host videos of Zeus while he is receiving Annette's healing energy. They had only been apart from each other for two weeks previously, but since the rehoming of Zeus, they have now been apart for three.

Zeus was rehomed by a very controlling and abusive man, who is the partner of Annette's daughter, after Annette was sectioned under the Mental Health Act a few weeks ago. She was released last Friday pertaining to legal reasons involving the CQC and has fought her hardest to reclaim Zeus from Rosedene Rescue Centre, only to be met with cheeky, ill mannered staff who have fallen in love with Zeus, contacted and sided with the abuser that put him in there, and refuse to give him back to his rightful owner.

Zeus is on a specific diet that includes cooked minced beef that Annette cooks for him everyday. She would NEVER feed her dog regular wet or dry food. He also spends a lot of time inside and sleeps in the comfort of Annette's home. The conditions of the rehoming centre that Zeus has been placed in are absolutely horrendous, and can literally be classed as torture for him as he is being denied of all the creature comforts that he is used to. Annette wouldn't dare to hurt her dog like this and it is tremendously heartbreaking for her knowing that Zeus is caged, and sleeps on the cold and hard concrete floor, that she is left sleepless thinking about him.

The staff, particular the owner of Rosedene Animal Rescue Centre – Kelly, have hurled abuse at Annette and even used the Mental Health Act against her. They've called her a nutjob, slammed the phone down on her, and even impersonated a police officer to unsuccessfully deter Annette from her fight. This has made the experience all the more traumatic as she is forced to use all of the available resources to reclaim Zeus.

The only thing that is preventing Annette from displaying she has full ownership is Zeus' microchip, which is registered in her daughter's name. This has become a roadblock for Annette as an argument ensues as to who has power of attorney over Zeus. It's questionable whether a microchip can grant somebody the right over someone else's dog, as anyone can enter your backyard and insert a chip under the skin that traces to whomever they please. It is outrageously unfair for Annette as she has been the sole rearer of Zeus and absolutely loves him to the moon and back.

All Annette wants is for Zeus to be back in his rightful home where he has all of his creature comforts and the love of his owner.

It is beyond disgusting for Zeus and Annette to be put through this and has generated massive amounts of stress for the both of them, as well for her other dog Bleu who is missing Zeus dearly.

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