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Investigate & Prosecute Animal Cruelty in Mission, SD of Tucker

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UPDATE 4/21/16: Here is the full report that we sent to police (who still have not done anything - be aware that it is very graphic because of the pictures that are included.


I am writing to urge your office to investigate and prosecute an act of animal cruelty. On March 15, 2016 Dana Gehring's miniature wire haired dachshund, Tucker disappeared from her home in Mission, Todd County, SD and the Rosebud Indian Reservation. She with the help of friends searched for him for six days. Flyers were posted around Mission seeking information and a reward was offered for his return. On March 21, 2016 Dana received a tip that led her to an abandoned shed behind Norm Ritters property who reside on Grant Street. It was here that the lifeless body of Tucker was found in a shed located on that property. Tucker had been viciously attacked by Irene Clairmont or Norm Ritter's family dog, a brown/white pit bull answering to the name of Boss. The attack occurred on Grant Street outside of Ritter's fenced in property. Ritter's oldest son, Hunter, along with another individual known as "Skeet" stood idly by and doing nothing to stop the attack, allowed Boss to fatally injure Tucker. There is no way of knowing if Tucker was still alive when he was thrown into the shed thereby hiding him from view and possible life saving measures.

According to South Dakota Animal Cruelty laws it is apparent that several statutes have been violated and those involved should be held accountable not only to Dana but to the state. In reviewing the applicable statutes it appears that the following are cause for investigation and prosecution of those parties involved for violating:

40-1-10-1 (2) "for amusement or gain cause any animal to fight with another animal
to injure another animal." Class 6 felony, as spectator Class 1 misdemeanor.

40-1-12 Allowing fatally injured (or diseased) animal to suffer needlessly.

40-1-21 Killing, injuring or mistreating animal of another. Misdemeanor.

40-1-21 Failure to restrain a potentially dangerous animal. Class 1 misdemeanor.

In 2014 the Federal Bureau of Investigation outlined and implemented a means to collect, identify and track those individuals guilty of animal cruelty and consider it a Class 1 Felony and an early indicator of violent crime.

Tucker was not only Dana's beloved dog, he was an AKC show/performance dog who earned many titles in his short life. He was an excellent example of the breed. While he is considered personal property his death should not be diminished and justice must be served.

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