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I know this is a very confronting issue for a lot of people but I want to end 'Live Animal Export'. Because for these poor animals from the start of their journey to the end of their journey (if they make it to the end) is an an absolute living hell. The mainly sheep and cattle travel up to 50 hours via road train. they get dropped off and are in a holding bay for up to 1 month. Then they board the 'death ship' Many struggle to reach for food and water. They are forced to live in their own 'waste'. There is not even enough room for them to lay down to rest. Pregnant ewes are put on the ship 'ILLEGALLY'. These poor ewes have to go through all the trauma while  going into labour and giving birth while enduring all the pain and suffering on the 'death ship' When the babies are born distressed crew are forced to slit their throats or they get trampled on and killed by the other sheep. They pack up to 75,00 sheep on to one ship!!!! When the ship heats up it is literally like a giant oven.. Many of the animals are cooked alive in their own skin. When they get to their destination it gets worse! The animals are treated so bad some abattoirs have been suspended. Cows are being bludgeoned to death with sledgehammers. Animals are being kicked and punched. Knee capped. Stabbed in the eyes. Tendons slashed. Dragged and thrown. Buried alive. Cut up while still alive. There is no stunning of the animal so whatever is done to them. They feel every bit of it. WE NEED TO HEP THEM.


Australia needs to become a MEAT ONLY TRADE!  

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