Bring Back Our Angel, Pyrrha Nikos

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I know I loved this character with all my heart, and I hope you did too.


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***Super Important information, to resolve any confusion on what this petition is actually trying to accomplish, please click on the link below and have a read as it will explain a lot. Alternatively read the post I have put just under this one***



Some people have had concerns regarding what this petition is actually trying to accomplish (Are we trying to control the story that is RWBY)? The short answer to that is no. I have taken the time to write the a statement below or (also linked above) to help people understand what this petition is trying to accomplish.

As we know, Monty Oum had a vision, he had a plan, and it is a tragedy that he is not here today to continue his amazing work, to see the continuous support from the fan base his work has created and the passion we have towards it all.

None of us would ever want to change his vision, his story, his plans. And you know what? No one here will. Monty created something magical, something spectacular and something beautiful, and none of us would ever imagine trying to change his vision/story/plans which Rooster Teeth now continue to work on.

When this petition was made it was made on pure emotive terms but at the same time with one huge purpose in mind. It was made to see how many people would be open to Pyrrha Niko's return and not made to try and pressure or dictate to Rooster Teeth how the future of the story and world of Remnant should progress/be told.

In conclusion this petition will never be forced on Rooster Teeth demanding changes to be made. It will only ever be shared and shown to people (even Rooster Teeth) so people can truly see how much we love and loved Pyrrha Nikos and how we would be more then open to her resurrection/return to the show if that was something Monty Oum had written ahead about/planned out for the upcoming seasons, or if it was something Rooster Teeth felt they were happy to work on or look into based on Monty's plans that he had for the shows future.

So to everyone signing this petition I hope it gives you peace of mind knowing that when you sign this petition you are not trying to change Monty's work, but merely expressing your love for his work and this character in particular (Pyrrha Nikos) that he created.

Ok, now that I have said that, lets start this thing! :)


So RWBY Season 3 is over and the final was awesome may I just add! and although I wouldn't of wanted it to end any other way I would now like to discus the resurrection of the character Pyrrha Nikos.

Now I bet some people are thinking, shes gone, let it go. But I couldn't disagree with you more. I believe like many others that there was more then meets the eye with the events leading up to her death, not only that but the actual event that took place during her final scene. Allow me to explain my thoughts/theory on the matter.

(1) So during late Season 3, Pyrrha Nikos is in a machine that allows one person to merge with another, merging not just there powers but and ability's but the people in those machines as well. Now this brings me to my first reasoning to believe there is still a way to resurrect Pyrrha. As we see during this scene Pyrrha actually gets into the machine and begins the process to merge with the Maiden. Now we know the Maiden gets killed before the process is complete, But Pyrrha still actually starts to absorb her before this happens. So surely something of the Maiden is actually coursing through Pyrrha's body? So maybe she did actually get some power! From here there are many different ways to loom forward so I will just talk about a few of them;

Perhaps Pyrrha has some of the power within her, I mean it would explain how she managed to hold her own up for some time against Cinder later on. I mean at one point she traps Cinder in a type of lock and there are even times where Cinder is shocked by the amount of power Pyrrha has, for example when she uses her semblance (Polarity) to control all thos metal gears. So lets say she did have some of the Maidens power with her, maybe this could somehow be connected by any of the other Maidens powers to bring Pyrrha back to life.

(2) Ok, lets take this to a whole new level as say she isn't dead, lets say she is in a super weak state of life, I mean it's a possibility, we have't seen someone die like Pyrrha did before in RWBY. The only thing that comes close it Yangs arm as it has a dust effect. So could she be in a new form of life that we don't know about, for example (Dust form). This could be when you lose your form after your Aura is depleted and so you are left without a body, but instead as dust until you are put back together. (Big stretch I know, but I want to make sure I go over everything) I also want to remind you all that Ozpin has said himself that people once used Dust on themselves instead of via more acceptable methods. So what if?...

(3)Moving on to my next theory. Maybe Pyrrha could of even picked up a new semblance from the machine and now have a similar ability to Blake and her shadowing ability, is that a strecth? I mean who knows what actully happends when people merge, now one knows for sure right now.

(4/5) Perhaps she teleported somewhere, or perhaps Cinder telepoted her somewhere if she didn't burn her after shooting her like some have suggested. But still if she was burned surly that would mean she is now in dust form if such a thing is real.

(5) Ok so maybe some of you don't like thos ideas. Perhaps you want something more personal that could/would lead to her resurrection or at least something that would support any of the theorys that I have suggested even better, well what about Pyrrha's helmet? As she gets hit with the final blow and starts to disintegrate away Cinder places her hand on Pyrrha's helmet, and somehow this leaves Pyrrha's helmet behind (It doesn't fade away with the rest of her, this is one major reason as to why I think she faded away naturally and was not burned like others have suggested)

(6) Ok, now this is my final theory; It has been to my belief since Season 1 that Professor Ozpin knows Jaune's transcripts where fake. However he sees something special in Jaune and so turns a blind eye and lets him into the school. As we know it's not unusual for Ozpin to do this, he let Ruby in despite her not even finishing her study's at Signal Academy and we have found out why, because she has silver eyes. She is special, and more powerful then most can imagine. So where am I going with this? Ok, so it is to my belief Jaune has special healing ability's that he is yet to discover, this could explain why he is less of a fighter and more of an emotional character like we see more and more through his character development. So what I'm saying here is I believe Jaune's semblance is to heal. I strongly believe that Jaune could get powerful enough to one day go back to the site where Pyrrha died and not only look upon the huge grim and Cinder in tears but that he could actually do something this time round, almost like a second chance. He could actually fight, he could actually control his currently not known semblance and team up with Ruby to bring her back, Jaune could use his powers to actually resurrect her.

(Ok Chris, but how? Even if what you say here turns out to be true and she is alive at the top of the tower, she is a helmet or dust particles at most and even that what makes you think her dust particles or helmet is still waiting up there?) I'm glad you asked!

Lets wind back to Ruby Rose. I'm not sure what Ruby did up there with her silver eyes but here's my theory. Ruby Rose can manipulate time and she dosen't know it yet, but that night she actully used her powers to actually stop time on top of that tower, trapping the king/queen Grim, Cinder and the dust remains and helmet of one Pyrrha Nikos. Now this is where Jaune comes back into the equations. Maybe once Juane is powerful enough and Ruby has control over her ability's as well they could go back, Ruby could then undo what she did on top of that tower so much later on with Jaune by her side; (That's right it's not going to take a couple episodes for Jaune and Ruby to suddenly become badass's, it's going to take them a while.) ;and then Jaune could save Pyrrha somehow. Perhaps by connecting with the helmet, or the recent dust particles of Pyrrha that surely would of also been frozen with Cinder and the Grim up there.

(Ok so backing this big theory up time!) During Season 1 Pyrrha uses her Aura to awaken Jaunes. I believe Jaune has more power then we are currently let on to believe, this is also because of the things I just said about Ozpin letting him in early and also because of what Pyrrah says in her head to Jaune to active his Aura;

'For it is in passing that we achieve immortality, through this we become a paragon of vertu and glory to rise above all, infinite and distance and unbound by death, I release your soul,and by my shoulder protect the'.

She then goes on to say;

(It's ok, I've used my Aura to unlock yours, you have a lot of it)

The cut on Jaune's face completely heals as he glows in a bright white light that is lighter then any Aura we have seen before, and perhaps this is just what Ozpin sore in Jaune and the reason he let him into the school despite knowing he had little to no hunter experience. Perhaps Jaune has special healing ability's that make him special and perhaps through his emotions he can make his aura/semblance stronger. Perhaps that just it! Jaune is stronger through his emotions and not through his fighting skills. Maybe he is having the same issues as Weiss is in season three, and all he needs is a little push to discover that. I mean would it be that crazy!? Ruby's Silver Eye ability wasn't activated until she sore something that put her into a major emotional state. Weiss's Summoning ability was also not activated until she put her life on the line to try protect Velvet. So maybe Jaune needs to see something to active his healing powers. I mean remember what Winter said to Weiss in the garden about how her emotions can make her stronger. I truly believe this is the key to Jaune unlocking his ability's to.


So those are some of my ideas, I know some people may think I am just looking to much into it, but I would love to believe I am actually on to something here in any of these theory.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this petition to bring back Pyrrha Nikos to RWBY, Pyrrha Nikos is an awesome character voiced by the incredible Jen Brown. I hope this idea is heard and discussed and I look forward to other peoples opinions and ideas on this matter.

Also, with what we've seen now with Ozpin having the power to re-incarnate and knowing that there are in fact gods that can curse people and bring people back to life, the possibilities are endless. Who knows what could happen with that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition, your support is amazing! Now lets get back to expressing to everyone how much we have loved Pyrrha Nikos and how we would love to see her back with Jaune Arc and friends again.

Kind regards and much love to you RWBY fans.

And now, without further adieu,  I'd like to dedicate this song to our scarlet angel, Pyrrha Nikos. This is for you, wherever you are, please come home soon. I miss you. ...I wish I could say we all do. 

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