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Include Team RWBY in Monster Hunter World

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When you're asked to describe the Monster Hunter series, what thoughts would come to you first? People hunting monsters with large, outlandish weapons, I take it? Now, what do you think of when asked to describe the series RWBY? People using ludicrously designed weapons to save the world from monsters, right? What if I told you that only do they sound similar to each other but both work well together?

Hello, and thank you for taking time to read this petition! Ever since the gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter World at E3 2017, I couldn't help but see many traits from RWBY in the game. Superhumans hunting using insane weapons to hunt monsters, over the top action and combat, the grapple hook being used in a similar manner that Blake would use Gambol Shroud, the tracking methods a Huntsmen Ruby would use like the Hunter did. Truly, a cross promotion between RWBY and Monster Hunter makes more sense then previous times such as with Fate/Stay Night and Strider.

With your support and signature, we can can convince both Rooster Teeth and Capcom to make this possible! With both franchises having dedicated fans in both the West and Japan, such a crossover will be welcomed easily in both regions.

By signing this petition, you support the follow:

  • The inclusion of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long as playable characters within the upcoming game Monster Hunter World.
  • The iconic weapons of Crescent Rose, Myrtenaster, Gambol Shroud, and Ember Celica be usable for the player.
  • Equipable armor of Team RWBY's signature outfits from volume four.
  • Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, and Barbara Dunkelman reprise their roles for the game.

Please help to make this team up of two phenomenal franchises come true! Thank you!

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