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Ronin Tattoos and Graphics

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Let this serve as a formal petition in support of the re-zoning efforts of the City of Memphis to allow the above stated business to open and operate as a tattoo and graphic arts studio.



The above stated business is being denied the re-zoning of their address to allow for a tattoo studio to operate at said location.

Let us state first the precedence already made by the State of Arizona. In December, 2011, the City Council in Mesa, Arizona found that Tattoo parlors are entitled to the same First Amendment protections as the artwork they produce, and that limits the government from restricting where they can go. This means that because of the artwork that is produced by the artist in operation, Babak Tabatabai, the Government is obliged to uphold the “freedom of the press” Defined by Chief Justice Hughes in 1938 as “every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.” Since a Tattoo is artwork and expression or a “vehicle” of information and or opinion of the individual displaying such tattoo, no such law shall be passed nor the denial of such business operation to be upheld as it would stand as a violation of the First Amendment right of both the business owner and it’s patrons.


It has already been noted that the business goals and aspirations of Ronin Tattoo and Graphics are in line with where this business community seeks to be in the future, so I ask that you sign my petition in support of my business and I thank you for that support.



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