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Petitioning Telefonica UK CEO Ronan Dunne

Ronan Dunne, Telefonica Uk CEO: Stop the outsourcing

As a customer of o2 I'm appalled at the news that the company is
outsourcing thousands of their own directly employed staff as well as
making hundreds of workers redundant too. A large proportion of their
employees are young people living in already high unemployment areas
such Leeds, Bury, Glasgow and Preston Brook on the outskirts of
Warrington. They all face uncertainty for their futures and feel
utterly betrayed by the stark reality of what o2 are doing. Large
multi-national companies like Telefonica o2 have a moral duty to uphold
by keeping directly employed jobs in house and in the country that they
trade. They should not look to outsource work or jobs as they want our
business but not employees. Shame on you o2..

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Telefonica UK CEO Ronan Dunne
Stop the outsourcing