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Require Cosmetic Companies to Label Products Tested on Animals

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We may be morally decades away from laws that prohibit testing on animals for cosmetic purposes, but as consumers, we have the right to know and the right to make ethical choices. A clear, definitive symbol in a highly visible place on the packaging, much like warnings on cigarettes, will provide consumers with the knowledge of whether or not a product was tested on animals.

The vast majority of the population is against the exploitation of animals for the opportunity to look or smell better, yet, as consumers, we continue to purchase products, likely unknowingly, from companies that do so.This labeling would allow Canadians to more easily avoid animal-tested products, which would lead to a vast decrease in their sales, resulting in financial pressures on major corporations to abandon the practice. Unfortunately, in today's society cash is king, and the power of the people lies in our purchasing choices.

The Ministry of Health has already determined that, as consumers, we have a right to know ingredients, safety concerns and portion sizes for the products we purchase; the right to know how they are manufactured is the next step.

Making ethical consumption choices is important to Canadians. Our government should support our ability to make purchase decisions by demanding that companies declare animal testing on the label of their products. It is not fair to put the burden of research on time-stressed Canadians, especially when such information is not often disclosed on a corportation's website.

This petition will be used to encourage Canadian lawmakers to ammend the Food and Drugs Act by adding "Product Tested on Animals" labeling to the Cosmetic Regulations subsection.


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