Public daycares & Registered home daycares need to be required to have insurance.

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Public daycares & Registered home daycares need to be required to have insurance.

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On Tuesday March 29, 2016 our son took his last breath at a registered home daycare in Missouri City, TX. After waiting 2 months the autopsy results came back and stated he passed away of Sudden Infant death syndrome, also known as "SIDS". As parents we are relieved to know he passed of natural causes, but how can we have closure being told other information as well?

The police department informed us that the provider laid him on his side against the arm of the couch; leaving him to not be able to receive oxygen, and also charged her with criminal negligence. The provider had been previously told not to lay infants on the couch by Child Care licensing and had many violations. Why continue allow a person to get violations for the same issues? As a barber or cosmetologist they are not warned when state board is coming to inspect a shop. So why inform a daycare center, dealing with kids lives know and "set up an appointment" when coming to inspect. If they find a piece of hair anywhere they can receive a fine. State board will not come back out and re inspect so you can correct it.

Providers should NOT be warned when coming to inspect and should be fined if they receive a violation. How are you learning from your mistake if you basically given the opportunity to redo it again freely? Registered home daycares AND public daycare centers are not required to have insurance, because "it's too expensive". Personally everything is expensive; car insurance, cell phone bills, rent, gas etc, but what exempts a child's life?

Our son passed away and if it wasn't for the help of others we would not have been able to afford the funeral expenses. As parents asking if a daycare center has insurance is that last question on your mind. You're more concerned about the area, how many kids are there, or how much.

Having insurance at daycares is just as important as having home owners insurance. Warning providers when coming to inspect and not requiring them to have insurance needs to be change. Not only for our son BASH, but for future children. If you have not noticed a lot of infants are dying at daycares now. If we cannot get anything changed at least add the "BASH LAW". It simply stands for "Babies Are Safe Here". It will allow the parents to know daycare centers that DO have "Bash Law" represented in their facility, the provider has insurance. You can always replace materialistic things, but what about our children? Please spread the word and support the following pages!

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